What Foods Burn Fat the Fastest?

To truly determine what foods burn fat the fastest we need to understand the thermogenesis of food. A thermogenic food is one which is classified as a food which causes the body to use energy to digest. So in reality all foods have some type of thermogenic quality about them. Obviously some more than others and it is these that we want to look at to see what foods burn fat the fastest.

One of the best choices for what foods burn fat is to start drinking green tea. Green tea has a compound called epigallo-catechin gallate (EGCG) which boosts your metabolism over a twenty four hour period. To get any effect from the fat burning qualities of green tea you would need to drink at least for four cups of strong green tea per day.

Other foods that fall into to what foods burn fat category are hot peppers, cider vinegar, hot mustard, spicy chilies, salmon, turkey and broccoli.  Very lean red meats are great fat burning choices along with venison, bison, buffalo, all shell fish and egg whites.

What you need to remember about all of these foods is that yes they do help to burn fat, but the amount of fat they burn is fairly small. They are not going to burn pounds of fat off of your body daily. What they will do is help to raise your metabolism so you can burn fat more effectively.

Eating these fat burning foods will enhance your weight loss efforts, they should be combined when used as a diet plan.

Lemons are another food on the what foods burn fat the fastest list. Lemons allow your body to break down fat cells and toxins in your body. This is why it is recommended that you add lemon to a glass of water each morning. Grapefruits work in the same way. Some doctors recommended drinking a small glass of grapefruit juice before going to bed at night. One lady that did only this one thing lost 10 pounds in three weeks.

The whole trick of knowing what foods burn fat the fastest is in knowing how to put a meal together correctly. When you eat various fat burning foods together, you can get your body working to burn fat at a fast rate.

When putting your meal together choose a good green vegetable, such as asparagus, broccoli or spinach.  Then use a very lean protein, chicken or turkey breast would work well.
Now you need to add in some type of carb, rice, sweet potatoes or whole wheat pasta.  If you attempt to combine your foods in this manner you will become a fat burning machine.

So you want to remember that no one food is going to completely get rid of your fat. By eating well known fat burning foods together you can easily create some great fat burning meals and menus of your own. Try to include one of these meal choices each day for optimal fat burning results.

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