What the Beauty Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know About Fighting Acne


Here are five simple but effective ways you can achieve and maintain glowing skin the natural way. Warning: sometimes the issue initially gets worse during your initial detoxification phase as toxins are trying to make their way out of your system. If you can stick it out when the going gets rough, at the end of your journey you’ll most likely find yourself with an all-natural glow you never thought you’d have, with onlookers clamoring to know your secret.

1. Eliminate processed foods, gluten, and dairy.

That means no junk food, no chips, no sodas, no refined sugar, and no hydrogenated or saturated fats. If you have acne, you have to recognize that it’s a disease and is pointing to the fact that you’re out of balance. You may have a toxic body from your diet, your organs could be overworked, and to make the kind of progress that lasts forever, you need to detoxify and consume alkaline foods. Period. There’s no getting around it, sorry. I’m telling you this now to save you the money you would have spent on the latest infomercial miracle solution destined to take your acne away.

2. Take a chill pill.

Meditate, do yoga, take a walk, or just plain BREATHE deeply daily. Stress can also play a factor in acne, mostly because when our emotional state is out of whack it can throw our hormones even more out of balance, which eventually creates disease. Negative emotions are toxic to our bodies’ just like processed foods are, so it’s important to find whatever discipline works for you and tap into that inner Zen.

3. Clean your colon.

This is huge when it comes to staying acne free. Once I understood this principle, I never had an issue with acne again. Most of the time, acne happens when our colons are clogged up and we’re constipated, meaning our bowel movements have not caught up with the amount of food we’re eating. When this happens and waste piles up, the body responds by trying to push toxins out through the skin in the form of pimples. Why waste your time piling chemicals on your face, when a little tender loving care for your colon goes a long way?

4. Find nutritional balance.

Very frequently, people with acne are nutritionally out of balance in some way. Just like any other disease, the condition can stem from too much of something, in this case perhaps refined sugar, carbs, etc. or too little of important nutrients like: zinc, sulfur, or omega-3 fatty acids. So, it is very important that you begin to eat a wide range of whole foods that are fresh and nutrient dense that give your body what you need, and that you also incorporate super foods or supplements to rectify any long-standing nutritional deficiencies and boost your immune system.

5. Stop putting chemicals on your face!

I know when you’re dealing with the annoying fact that your face is covered with pimples it’s only natural to jump for anything that could be a quick fix. Unfortunately, the majority of the quick fixes don’t really work, or if they do work for the moment, they don’t address the root cause. As hard as it may be, it’s better to take a good look at what you’re using on your skin and make sure you understand what every ingredient is in your products. What you put on our skin should be virtually edible and natural so as not to aggravate your acne or add more toxicity to your system.


Original source: MindBodyGreen

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  1. Rich Taylor says:

    Excellent article. Remember if the “system” can only make money off peoples health issues if the people stay ignorant about their heath. http://freedumbdiet.com/prescriptiondrugs/

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